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Tom Green look alike in the Maverick pinball machine

I love this photo by karleeroyek


Got a chance to play a rare one. 1990 King Kong prototype. 1 of only 9 created. Never went into production. Features a huge King Kong-esque flipper on the right side of the game.

The most brightly lit Simpsons machine I’ve ever seen.

Monster Bash 1996




BRADENTON, FL – JANUARY 15: Monica Seles 16 before winning the 1990 French Open on April 30, 1993, she was the victim of an on-court attack, when a man stabbed her in the back with a 9-inch (23 cm) long knife. Seles did not return to tennis for over two years. Photographed in a games room at the Bollettieri Tennis Academy January 15, 1990 in Bradenton, Florida (Photo by Paul Harris/Getty Images)


Back to the Future (Data East, 1990)