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kontextmaschine: Total Nuclear Annihilation is…


Total Nuclear Annihilation is as wide and simple as Rob Zombie but single-level without ramps,

Blunt and thick-plasticked like ‘80s Gottleib but more than RZ or America’s Most Haunted it’s now In The Conversation

Like the plastics and the playfield it’s almost an ‘80s throwback, Embryon especially, but the way the upper playfield feeds sideways to a mystery scoop Lawlor-style

::chef kiss::

And the way they reenvision a drop alley so the drops WORK AS LOCKS, holy shit!

Ok the backglass girl is kinda Tracer and the sound is kinda Daft Punk Alive ripoffs but that only makes it more authentic retro

kontextmaschine: So after nigh-on two decades of having only one…


So after nigh-on two decades of having only one pinball manufacturer suddenly there are three regularly producing tables – stalwart Stern; cutting-edge technologists Jersey Jack; and these guys, Spooky Pinball.

Spooky has the weakest reputation – of their two previous tables America’s Most Haunted House did some interesting things replacing coil kickers with mini-motor pistons but elements broke and the ball got stuck somewhere so often you could tell they shorted on playtesting, while maybe in compensation Rob Zombie was chintzy and basic. But it’s an ongoing concern at all (inheriting the Wisconsin role from Wico), that’s something.

But, one of the nice thing about the boom is we’re seeing original themes again. (Dialed In!’s theme is “Pat Lawlor’s other games”, which if you know how inside-jokey pinball gets, like no, more than that, plus a touch of SimCity)

So, I give to you: Outrun, the Pinball